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Another successful Civika project is Bikewalk. 19-year-old Ariel Constantinof, project manager for www.amdoar18ani.ro and www.motivonti.ro, initiated the movement (www.bikewalk.ro) in April.

The concept is simple: cyclists gather in Tineretului Park (where they can borrow bikes if they don’t own them), usually on Saturdays at 18.00, and take a ride around downtown Bucharest, while traffic is stopped. So far, the movement has managed to gather hundreds of cyclists, and this is just the beginning.

Civika recently joined forces with Bikewalk, as it shares the same civic spirit, offering its full support to the project, helping with its communication, promotion and further development. Dumitrescu believes the event could become a regular thing. “The police would no longer be resistant because of our high numbers. The first lane of traffic could be dedicated to us on large boulevards. In the most recent edition, no car ever hooted its horn at us, even though we sometimes blocked intersections, and people were standing outside smiling at us, encouraging us.” The main aim is to normalize cycling and make it safer, as well as to demonstrate that if at least ten percent of drivers chose to ride a bicycle every now and then, traffic would be a lot more fluid and people would be healthier and even less stressed.

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    Foarte tare Ariel! Felicitari! Dar am si eu o nelamurire…Site-ul unde a fost scrisa asta e cu .ro (site romanesc) si autorul e roman. De ce articolul e in engleza? What the fuck?

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